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About Us

Behind the scenes of our team.
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we are diverse

Hi. We’re TJ Accountants and we’re not your typical accountants. Women accountants for women, we’re passionate about helping women to succeed in the business world.

We’re also award-winning Indigenous business owners and members of the LGBTQIA+ community. Broad-minded and accessible accountants, we can create real-world financial solutions customised for you. We speak your language, so you don’t have to speak ours.

your dream. our mission.

To help business grow and reach its potential by providing understandable, easy-to-implement, practical business advice.

Understand your numbers. Keep more of your money. Breathe easy.

Accountants Jolene and Theresa sit outside smiling while working on an apple laptop together

Our Story

TJ Accounting Consultants was founded by our superstar accounting duo, Jolene Elliott and Theresa Sapatra.

Jolene, a Chartered Accountant and Theresa, a Certified Practicing Accountant, were disillusioned by dry, jargon-saturated firm models. 

They wanted a more collaborative approach, where they could work with their clients to develop short- and long-term financial strategies that would get them incredible results. And they wanted to do it using language and approaches everyone would understand

When Theresa and Jolene couldn’t find the the model firm they wanted, they decided to create it, and TJ Accounting Consultants was born.

we keep it simple

At TJ Accounting Consultants we are about personality, approachability and practical results. We are not about complex, jargon-strewn language, opaque procedures or doing the bare minimum. 

Because of that, we are proud to say we are not your typical accountants.

accountants for women

Our driving passion is helping women to succeed. As women-owned and run business, we understand your unique challenges, but also your unique opportunities.

Whether you’ve gone into business for a more flexible lifestyle, or you’re ready to shoot for the stars, we’re accountants for women, and we’ll help you get there.

meet our amazing team

who are we?

Jolene Elliott CA


Jolene is one of TJ Accounting Consultants founding partners and a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years’ experience in the industry.

What brought her to found TJ Accounting Consultants?

After spending years working in various Chartered firms, including big four and mid-tier firms, Jolene wanted a work environment that would allow her to continue to create fantastic results for her clients but within a more flexible framework. She was tired working with big firms, who were looking to the past, rather than focusing on the future. She believed there was a better way.

Jolene started her search, initially moving to a software development company, where she created cutting-edge accounting templates for accounting firms. With her first baby on the way, Jolene knew there had to be more to life than slogging away at nine-to-five job in someone else’s company. Taking inspiration from the work-from-home mamas out there, she decided to create a company that empowered her to pursue her career in her own terms. And let her become an accountant for women, helping them to succeed.

A Proud Aboriginal Woman

Jolene is a descendant of the Yugunga-Nya people, who are the Traditional Owners of land within the Eastern Murchison region of Western Australia. Though there are more than 200,000 qualified accountants in Australia, less than 60 are Indigenous. This is such a unique position that Jolene was recently interviewed by the Australian Financial Review as part of their Top 100 Accounting Firms series. In the article, AFR dubbed TJ Accounting Consultants, ‘the most diverse emerging accounting practice in Australia’.

Jolene's Unique Perspective

Jolene’s unique perspective is also fantastic for our clients. She brings to the firm an understanding that business owners, like people generally, want to focus on what’s most important to them, and often this means leaving the numbers side to someone they can trust. Jolene is that person. 

Jolene has also recently brought our newest recruit on board. Her and her partner welcomed their first bub, Elijah in November 2019. He’s such a gorgeous boy and is an absolute dream. 

Along with her family, Jolene has a love for cats. She has three little beauties of her own who keep her occupied and on her toes. In her free time, Jolene fosters kittens and volunteers at a cat rescue as well. 

Theresa Sapatra CA


Theresa, one of our incredible founding partners, is our resident left-brain, logical problem solver. That makes sense, since she’s a Chartered Accountant with a Master of Accounting and also earned a Bachelor of Engineering.

Before Founding TJ Accounting Consultants

Theresa worked in a number of accounting firms before founding TJ Accounting Consultants. She logged long, tedious hours gaining a deep knowledge of taxation and business advisory services in the process. Ultimately, she felt dissatisfied, so Theresa made the jump to a software company where she worked as a key account manager.

While Theresa loved her work, she started to become more and more disillusioned with the lack of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. As a queer woman of colour, inclusion is more than just a talking point for Theresa. 

She wants to represent the underrepresented and create change from the inside. Theresa had her light-bulb moment during a chat with co-founder Jolene when she decided from that moment on she would be the change she wanted to see.

Go-To Technical Expert

With over 20 years’ experience in accounting and software development, Theresa is our go-to expert for all things techy. She’s a massive advocate for implementing and using technology and software solutions to make business easier for our clients and for the team.

Theresa’s focus has always been on the end game. She brings that focus into her client support role as well, advising and empowering clients to achieve the best possible outcomes for their circumstances. Whether it’s with the latest technology, or offering expert business advice, Theresa makes sure we have more time to focus on our clients, and our clients have more time to focus on growing their business.

Theresa's Vision

Theresa is passionate about working with people from different walks of life. She’s hoping by having a diverse voice to speak, she can help create visibility and contribute to diversity and inclusion in workplace. 

Theresa’s vision for work plays into her vision for life. She loves travelling, as it gives her the chance to explore new surroundings and engage with different people with an open mind. 

Do you want to grow your business?

We can do it together – accountants for women.

TJ Accounting Consultants Theresa and Jolene smile at the camera over a laptop on a marbled benchtop