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5 Ways Automation Can Add Value to Your Business

You might have heard of companies introducing business automation and their success stories. Automation can help remove the manual work and streamline your processes. To put it another way, automation can revolutionise the efficiency and productivity of your business.

However, for a lot of business owners, trying to decide which tasks to be automated is not always straight-forward.

Let’s start with some important things to consider, for example what to automate and what software solutions to use.

How Do You Know What to Automate?

The ideal candidates for automation are tasks that are manual and repetitive, such as record keeping.

There’s a very simple mantra in choosing what to automate. If there’s a manual task in your business that’s taking up time, automate it.

The more time you and your team spend on low-level administration, data-entry and form-filling, the less time you have available for running your business.

With your software tools maximised, your automated process can chug along in the background, doing the heavy lifting, so that you can focus on client services, sales strategy, and growing your business.

Which Elements of Your Everday Business Operations Can You Automate?

Some areas where automation can really add value are bookkeeping, payment collection, POS and inventory management, as well as CRM system which helps generating new leads, marketing and social media posts.

Which Apps and Software Solutions Can Help You to Achieve Your Business Automation Goals?

Here are 5 examples where automation and smart systems can help add value to your business:

1. Bookkeeping and Digitisation of Paperwork

Accounting software like Xero, coupled with Hubdoc, Dext or Auto Entry, offer you the opportunity to automate your bookkeeping and record-keeping.

These solutions let you snap a photo of a receipt or invoice. They also digitise the contents and automatically create a bill or expense claim in your accounting software.

There’s no need to manually keying in the information and the entire process syncs with your accounting software, therefore making it easy to get your business records ready for tax time.

2. Employee Expenses Automation

Apps like DiviPay, Soldo and Pleo give you automated control over your employee expenses.

Your staff can pay for expenses using either virtual or physical credit cards. The app syncs the payments with your accounting software. That means no late expenses claims, no need for petty cash and no wasted time keying in the receipts. You can track, measure and pay all employee expenses, with the entire process automated from start to finish.

3. Payment Collection from Your Customers

With payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and GoCardless, you can automate your cash collection.

By using a modern payment gateway, you make it easier for clients to pay their bills. It also means that you automate the actual cash collection and bank reconciliation process.

You can receive money instantly in your main business account and pull all the transactional data across to your accounting software, thus less admin, and faster payments too.

4. POS, Stock and Inventory Management

If you run a retail or hospitality outlet, consider using apps like Vend or Shopify POS.

These apps offers an all-in-one point-of-sale (POS), stock and inventory management system, automating your till sales and syncing everything with your accounting software.

When you sell an item, the app will also update the inventory system, keeping your records and stock listings up to date.

5. Leads, Marketing and Social Media Posts Automation

With tools like HubSpot Marketing Automation or ActiveCampaign, you can automate a sizeable chunk of your marketing work.

These solutions let you create automated email cadences, target specific customer audiences and also track your return on investment (ROI) in forensic detail.

If you’ve been thinking about automating some of your business processes, such as your bookkeeping, we can help. Book a time to have a chat with us.

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