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Useful Tips to Beat Winter Burnout

Illness has marred this winter, spreading throughout the community and hitting businesses hard. The economy is taking a tremendous hit with all aspects of business supply chains and staffing being taken out with what seems like a constant wave of sickness. More and more people may begin to feel the effects of burnout.

Low rates of unemployment, staff isolating or on sick leave, business owners are under more pressure than ever before to be there for their clients. When you’ve spent years working to build a successful business, it’s hard not to step up yourself to fill in the gaps caused by this unprecedented winter disruption.

However, it is vital you take care of yourself to help prevent burnout and any flow on affects to your business. Try some of these tips to help you find renewed sense of purpose and accomplishment.

Say ‘No’

This can be an almost impossible concept for many business owners to grasp! You’ve spent years always saying ‘Yes!’ and working out the details at a later point to build your reputation as a meticulous business that always looks out for their clients’ needs. With burnout knocking on your door, it may be time to say ‘No’. Begin by focusing on what matters most to your core business. Start saying ‘No’ to any tasks that won’t keep propelling your business forward or any difficult clients. Stick to what you love and value most about your business.


Look at your business and identify any aspects that don’t bring you joy or that are outside your core business. These could be areas such as social media, packing orders or cleaning the office.

Automate some of the repetitive tasks such as keeping records and bookkeeping. Maybe it’s time to ditch your spreadsheet and look into accounting software like Xero coupled with Hubdoc, for example, to automate your bookkeeping and record-keeping. Find out more about what and how to automate here.

It could even be an aspect of your personal life, such as taking the pressure of cooking meals by ordering meal kits or employing a household cleaner. Once you feel less stressed and have time to focus your productivity on your core business, outsourcing these tasks usually pay for themselves.

Friends and Hobbies

It’s easy to be consumed with your business and not give yourself time to relax and have fun away from it. However, it’s important to break the burn out cycle and look after your emotional, physical, and mental health. Try catching up with friends, taking a break to garden, or doing some craft. Likewise, taking part in a sport will get those endorphins flowing and free up your mental space. As a result, you’ll be able to cope with any challenges your business might throw at you this winter.

We can help!

Working with us, we can help analyse the costs and benefits of any business investment to help you avoid burn out. Reach out, we’d love to help you.

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